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Name:Serah Farron
Birthdate:Aug 1
Website:Serah Farron
Serah Farron
Practical, but still a sweet girl by nature, Serah was and remains very curious and eager to learn as well. She's usually mature, soft spoken, and gentle but she does have a limit to how much she can take. When her temper is pushed to said limit she "goes from smiling angel to angry ogre" (direct quote from her traveling companion, Noel Kreiss), one who can stand her ground and command the likes of monsters. She's the kind of person that learns how to understand others by observing either from up close or from a distance, as that's something that she's had to do for years while she watched Lightning build up wall after wall to shut people out and her own emotions in. Even though it's something that she learned out of necessity it's also something that Serah has come to enjoy doing. It's not just people, either, she likes being able to just relax and take life in. She doesn't ask for much in life. After all that's happened already she's simply learned to enjoy the little things and to be grateful for what she has and what she can attain by her own strength.

All of this might lend an appearance of having wisdom beyond her years, and maybe that's true depending on who you ask, but it's simply Serah's ability to understand others helps her with knowing what to say and when. She's learned that sometimes giving someone space, or stepping back away from things to look at them from a distance is the better answer.

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional journal for the character Serah Farron, of the Final Fantasy XIII game series. It exists strictly for the purpose of role-play, so please only add this journal to your friend-list if it's a member of a journal-based game we're both in.
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